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Could Someone Else’s Trash be Your Treasure? An In-depth Look at Cash Converters

With the Aussie share market rocketing to sky high levels and a number of everyday ‘blue chips’ (I’m looking at you ‘big-four’ and most of your other Top 20 brethren) becoming decidedly overvalued, my investing sights are shifting toward high-performing, small cap stocks. ‘Small-cap’ is certainly ... [Read More]

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Are You a Trader or Gambler? (These Two Hints Will Tell You)

In my travels as a trading/investing writer and educator, I come across a lot of people reaching out for trading advice. Most of the time I’m more than happy to oblige, I know the struggles of being a trader and investor inside and out and I believe that if I can help someone in their journey (and ... [Read More]


Simplify Your Trading in 2 Easy Steps

Happy, screaming kids playing and jumping around, masses of streamers and balloons in every color of the rainbow, overwhelmed parents vying for at the very least 10 minutes of peace and quiet and a buffet of food that would send those with the sweetest of teeth into a sugar overload. This wasn’t ... [Read More]


Getting Out of the Dumps (or What to Do After a Few Trading Losses)

As a trader there will be times when you have a number of losses hit you all in a row. In fact more often than not this is likely to be a reality a few times across your trading career. If you’re like most traders, a loss here or there is ... [Read More]


The Best Forex Pairs to Trade

After releasing a number of posts around Forex and our simple Forex strategy, I’ve had a number of people keen to get started in Forex trading and take advantage of all the strategies and tactics we’ve been producing. This is great, however the ... [Read More]


5 Trading Traits to Avoid at All Costs

Since we launched Upfront Trader we’ve talked a lot about methods, strategies and tactics to improve your performance as a trader. It’s important to develop and internalize a list of traits that are beneficial to your trading. The more you focus on ... [Read More]


The Scammers are Back! Why You Should Avoid Black Box Software

Last year I recorded a number of podcasts on a company selling black box software known as 1Wealth. You can hear the first of these podcasts by clicking here. For those of you who don’t know, black box software is the term given to computer ... [Read More]


Trading in the Zone: Strategies from a Trading Psychology Expert

The following is a guest post from our good friend Chris Collingwood. Chris is the managing director of Inspiritive Pty Ltd, a registered training organisation (RTO) that he has been running with his partner Jules since 1992.  Chris is an ... [Read More]


How to Get on the Good Side of Momentum

As a trader you will always achieve far better results by trading with the dominant momentum that exists within a market or stock at the time of your trade. Trading counter trend can be a lucrative pursuit and you may pull-off some wildly ... [Read More]